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Sound Asleep Pillows

Sound Asleep offer the original speaker pillow and offer the perfect solution to listen to your favourite music whilst you relax or to something soothing to help you drop off. To date, the Sound Asleep original speaker pillow is the best selling speaker pillow available to buy and is made here in the UK with a luxurious hollowfibre filling.

The presence of the speaker won’t impact on your quality of sleep as it’s completely undetectable and is, for many, a much preferred option to sleeping with headphones in. Many of us like to fall to sleep listening to our favourite songs or even drift off to an audio book, however waking up with headphones still in your ears is never a pleasant experience. Try the original speaker pillow from Sound Asleep today and enjoy a great night’s sleep whilst still being able to relax to music.

You have full control of the volume of the speaker pillow at all times, meaning you’ll be able to listen to music or an audio book without disturbing your partner. You simply need to plug in your phone, MP3 player or any source with a 3.5mm stereo output and control the volume as normal through the device.

Sleepy People offer the Sound Asleep speaker pillow at a fantastic online price, offering you the opportunity to purchase this luxurious pillow at a fraction of the RRP.

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