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Sound Asleep Pillows

If you like some gentle music to ease you off to sleep you’ll love the Sound Asleep pillow. Built deep inside a generous filling of hollowfibre is a speaker that you can plug into your MP3 player, mobile phone or tablet. And it’s not only music that you can listen to; with a Sound Asleep pillow you can listen to an audio book, learn a foreign language or relax to a meditation soundtrack whilst you relax in bed, all without disturbing your partner or needing to wear headphones.

Sounds In Silence...

If you weren’t already impressed by the Sound Asleep pillow, perhaps its best feature is that the sound can only be heard by the person sleeping on it. Because the speaker is nested deep inside the luxurious hollowfibre filling, it is not possible to feel the speaker and only the pillow user can hear the sound. Additionally there’s a Sound Asleep pillow that’s especially designed for younger users, a special kids version.

Sleepy People work night and day to bring you fantastic products at unbeatable prices and we're confident that we've certainly achieved that with the Sound Asleep Pillow range. Order yours today!

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