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What sort of sleeper are you?

As long as you're sleeping well and waking up refreshed, there's no right or wrong way to lie in bed. But each different sleeping position demands a different type of pillow, as they all affect the height of your head from the mattress, and therefore the strain that will be put on your vertebrae without the correct support. So let's start by selecting what best describes your favourite sleeping position.

Do you find sleeping a pain?

We all experience stiffness and pain from time to time, especially as we get older. But if you regularly wake up with stiffness or pain, changing your pillow - and therefore your body's posture as you sleep - can make all the difference. Do you wake up with Stiff/Painful back or Neck?

Do you have allergies?

Many people experience allergic symptoms such as red eyes or rhinitis - also known as a runny nose - upon waking, which can be due to the filling of their pillows. Naturally, it's important to wash pillowcases regularly to minimise dust allergies - and all of our pillows are processed to remove allergy-causing dust particles - but it is still possible to be allergic to some fillings. Select any fillings you may be allergic to.

Are your head and neck too warm?

Everyone has his or her own optimum temperature for sleeping, which may be a lot cooler than you think. So you should always rely on your duvet and your body's natural thermostat rather than central heating to keep you at the right temperature as you sleep. Yet if you still feel too hot in bed, it could be that you need a pillow that allows more air to circulate around you. Select an option to let us know if your head and neck get too warm in bed.

Do you share a bed?

However compatible you and your partner may be while you're awake, their sleep habits may not necessarily be helping you to get the uninterrupted sleep you need. That's why the presence of another person - and their pillows - can influence the sort of pillow that's right for you.

Do you snore?

There are many reasons you might snore, from allergens in your pillow to the fact that you may sleep on your back. However, snoring can affect the quality of your sleep as well as your partner's: so it's best to find a pillow that helps you to prevent or at least reduce snoring.


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