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Cot Bed Mattress Protectors

Unfortunately, all children have accidents when they're first coming out of nappies and are potty training as well as numerous bouts of sickness which lead to the bed sheets being covered in whatever they had for tea. This is all inevitable and any parent will tell you it's to be expected on a regular basis, however in order to ensure their mattress is protected and that it stays clean, you need to ensure that you've got a protector in place. Here at Sleepy People, we're proud to offer a great range of cot bed mattress protectors, all at surprisingly low online prices.

It's always a difficult decision knowing whether to purchase a cot or a cot bed when your child is ready to move out of their moses basket in your bedroom, however it's becoming a popular trend to opt for the latter, if only because it removes the need to purchase a full-sized bed after a year or two. A cot bed serves as the perfect middle ground from when your child is a few months old up until school age, however, as with all mattresses, they need protecting to ensure they remain in great condition.

Here at Sleepy People, as part of our range of mattress protectors, we've included a great selection specifically designed for cot beds, offering you a competitively priced solution to keeping your child's mattress protected at all times. If they do have an accident, it'll wipe clean and you'll be able to put it straight back on when you replace the sheets. It's something which many new parents don't always consider, however as far as we're concerned, it's a must-have addition to your child's bed.

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