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Rest Assured Duvets

The Rest Assured brand name is synonymous with quality bedding, and with over 115 years’ experience of producing fine bedding, you can be sure of getting some of very best duvets that money can buy.

A Range Of Duvets

The Rest Assured duvet range includes duvets with natural and man-made fibre fillings. The signs of quality built into these Rest Assured duvets are immediately obvious. An example of the attention to detail in Rest Assured duvets is piped edging. Piped Edging ensures that the filling stays perfectly in place. You won’t find these duvets becoming lumpy from filling that is clumping together – no matter how many times you wash it.

Lovers of natural duvet fillings will appreciate the range of Rest Assured goose feather duvets. Goose feather is widely considered to be the best natural duvet and pillow filling available. Goose feather is larger than duck feather and has better thermal properties. Goose feather duvets are heavier than man-made fibre duvets, meaning they don’t drift off the bed easily as you move in your sleep.

Ordering your Rest Assured duvet couldn’t be easier than here at Sleepy People. We have tools to narrow your search by price, tog rating and bed size and you’ll be pleased to find prices that can’t be matched in the high street.

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